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Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by the amount of litigation support technology that is available to you?   By partnering with our competent technology team, Collins Reporting will help you utilize these sophisticated, powerful and effective tools during the deposition phase through trial presentation.

  1. Interactive Realtime

  2. Internet Realtime

  3. Internet Video Streaming

  4. Video-Transcript Synchronization

  5. Exhibit Linking

  6. Document Imaging

  7. Video Conferencing

  8. On-Line Transcript Repository

The Realtime features enable your off-site trial team, expert witnesses, corporate clients or remote counsel to read the deposition transcript and view the video in realtime on their computer screen in a distant location.  Additionally it allows one to communicate on-line simultaneously with counsel present at the deposition site.

Video-Transcript Synchronization combines the transcript, exhibits and digital video for side-by-side playback on your computer.  The text in the transcript is highlighted in synch with the video.  Our software allows you to easily create and export video clips and is compatible with all major case management software. 

On-Line Transcript Repository is an interactive website complimentary to our clients.  It is a central source providing access to your transcripts and exhibits as well as your on-line deposition calendar which can be accessed from any available internet location in the world.