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Interact in realtime with anyone in the world with our high-definition dual-screen TV’s.    Video Conferencing provides you a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to travel.  It is ideal for one-on-one meetings and accommodates large groups as well.  Our state-of-the-art equipment is well suited for split screen, multi-point conferences showing all the participants simultaneously.  Through our affiliation with international networks, we can find and connect you with any location in the world.  

In addition to utilizing video conferencing for depositions, meetings, or arbitrations, you will also find it cost effective and valuable for witness preparation and expert consultations.

Collins Reporting’s  professional staff is on stand-by to assist with any technical questions you may have during your video conference.  We also provide other in-house services such as catering needs, document scanning and copying, wireless internet, as well as multiple conference rooms for your private meetings with clients.

Display any content from your laptop including scanned exhibits, Power Point presentations, videos or photos simultaneously with the video conference.  You may also display paper documents on screen using our ELMO document camera.  DVD video backup of your conference is available at your request.

With our commitment to using the most current videoconferencing technology, we can assure the highest quality ISDN or IP connections anywhere in the world.  Our staff will locate, schedule and test with the connecting sites prior to your conference  to assure you have a smooth, high-quality video conference experience.